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5-Day Mini MBA for the Pharma and Biotech Industry (1429)

Mid-level Managers

WHY attend this programme?

More than ever before, the dynamics and fast pace of the new healthcare environment require cross-functional experts who master complexity and go beyond silo thinking. The "Mini-MBA" is based on the key areas of the MBA that have been especially tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. It provides you with the intellectual capital needed to excel as a high-performance manager in this fast-moving industry.

Download the PDF Brochure here.

WHO should attend?

Managers who need to understand cross-functional issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

HOW will you benefit?

You’ll better be able to:

  • Understand unfamiliar aspects of business
  • Understand broader financial and strategic contexts
  • Support strategic goals from top management and implement them faster and more efficiently
  • Translate healthcare environment changes into competitive strategies for sustainable growth
  • Concentrate on customer value through cross functional improvements

WHAT will you learn and practice?

The 5-day Mini MBA for the Pharmaceutical Industry shows how successful businesses are run from an all-round perspective - financial, strategic and marketing - provides insights into strategic imperatives for the new healthcare environment and how managers can effectively align their teams to execute the strategy of their company.

Module 1: The Big Picture  

  • Environment & Mega Trends
  • The Pharmaceutical Market
  • The Pharmaceutical Value Chain
  • Key Strategies & New Business Model

Module 2: Strategy Development & Strategic Leadership in Pharma  

  • Essentials of Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • MCE Leadership Approach
  • Collaboration & Change Management
  • Driving Performance

Module 3: Building the Value Proposition  

  • Stakeholders Mapping
  • From Product Development to Supply Chain
  • Medical Affairs: 2 Hats in Action
  • Market Access & Pharmacoeconomics
  • Marketing Drive

Module 4: Marketing Excellence in Pharma  

  • Market Definition & Competitive Landscape
  • Objectives and brand vision
  • Powerful Product Positioning
  • Marketing Plans driven by  Key Issues
  • Marketing Mix: From Operational Strategies to Tactics
  • Execution Discipline & Alignments of Sales Forces and other relevant functions
  • Metrics to track the execution and monitor outcomes

Module 5: Finance  

  • The Role of Accounting & Finance
  • Accounting Principles & Concepts
  • Reading Financial Statements
  • Financial Analysis
  • The Business Plan

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