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Communicating to Your Senior Management and Key Stakeholders (2185)

Mid-level Managers

WHY attend this programme?

Communication is a critical skill for every manager. Getting your ideas and issues across to the key people who can support you in implementing the strategy is a very tough job, and if you can’t communicate your idea or issue properly, it may always be sidelined in your company. This workshop helps you frame your ideas and issues in strategic business language, to speak and understand the language of senior managers.

Download the PDF brochure here. 

WHO should attend?

All middle and upper-level managers who propose strategies and ideas, or report performance to senior management or other influential stakeholders.

HOW will you benefit?

You will better be able to:

  • Communicate in a way that senior managers listen to, remember, and are willing to act upon
  • Sell your ideas, report your results, raise issues that need to be addressed, ask for support
  • Connect what you want to say to the strategic goals of the organization that senior management cares about
  • Handle interruptions and tough questions
  • Defend your ideas or data without getting defensive
  • Move from approval to action
  • Improve your profile and credibility


WHAT will you learn and practice?

Your workshop will be led by an experienced facilitator who served many years as a senior manager.  Your facilitator will be your coach and mentor on communicating to the senior level. 

You will bring a key communication project to work on during this workshop.  It may be a big presentation coming up soon, or it may be regular reporting you are responsible for.  During the workshop, you will practice, practice, practice in front of your fellow participants and a video camera, in a variety of communication and presentation exercises.  You’ll apply what you learn to your own situation and will have the opportunity to “rehearse” your own presentation and get feedback from the facilitator and your fellow participants.

Module 1: Senior Management, Strategic Direction, Communicating and You 

  • The customer value proposition and how to achieve it as senior management’s key concern
  • Crafting your message and linking it clearly to the strategic context to get senior management’s attention 
  • Implementation planning as an essential ingredient for any proposal
  • Segmenting your different stakeholder groups and tailoring your message to the concerns of each

Module 2: Criteria for Successful Communicating 

  • Different types of message for different situations
  • Including a clear call to action in your communication
  • Effective listening for better communication
  • Using questions strategically
  • Non-verbal communications
  • Storytelling

Module 3: Presenting your Ideas Persuasively 

  • Preparing your presentation
  • Assessing your audience and the context
  • Getting and keeping attention
  • Using visual aids, using your voice, using movement for more impact
  • Handling tough questions and interruptions
  • Managing meetings
  • Leveraging your personal style and strengths

Module 4: Finalizing your plan for communicating to senior management 

  • Deliver your presentation and get feedback
  • Different types of business presentations you’ll face as your career progresses
  • Defending your idea assertively
  • Develop your personal action plan for communicating to your senior management and key stakeholders.


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