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China-Europe Partnerships Require High Skill Levels

18 November 2012

Dr. Li Wan Presents at FCPAE in Vienna 

MCE Senior Associate Dr. Li Wan presented the keynote address at the 4th Federation of Chinese Associations of Professionals in Europe (FCPAE) Forum in Vienna November 16, 2012. As a vice secretary-general of the FCPAE, Dr. Wan was invited to present the keynote address and to share personal experiences and insights on “Change, Management and Preparation”. The forum, which attracted more than 120 Chinese professionals, entrepreneurs, and Chinese embassy officers in Austria, discussed “EU-China Business and Cooperation Opportunities under the New Situation”.

China and Europe: Closer, More Mutually Dependent  

As a vice secretary-general of the FCPAE, Dr. Wan was invited to present the keynote address and to share personal experiences and insights on “Change, Management and Preparation”. Citing facts that indicate that the world is getting smaller and Europe and China are getting closer and more mutually dependent, Dr. Wan referred to career experiences that reflect the changes occurring today.

He started with his unavoidable career change in 2010 when the semiconductor industry was shifting from western countries to eastern countries. “The whole world we are living in is changing faster in global scope with intensity in economic shift, resource demand, faster technology, growth model, government policy and consumer behaviours” he told the assembled FCPAE participants. He pointed out the opportunities these changes are producing, especially for the Chinese professionals working in Europe, as they understand the cultures of China and Europe. The question is: How well can you manage?

Managing Change Requires a Higher Level of Skills 

Dr. Wan noted that “everybody has some management skill, but addressing the big challenges requires a high level of skills”. Technical skills often change rapidly as technology advances. But “good management skills—fortunately—have a longer shelf life!” Dr. Wan enumerated six skills that today’s managers need, regardless of their business, industry or organizational activity. They include leadership and people management; communication; collaboration; business management; project management; and financial management.

Change is uncomfortable, Dr. Wan acknowledged. For some people it is even painful or scary. The good news is that we can prepare for change by building the right skills. Dr. Wan shared his personal experience of participating in the workshop “Managing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships” at MCE. “It was the knowledge and hands-on experience presented on the workshop that opened the right view”, he said, and provided the right practical tools for setting up and managing a strategic alliance and partnership between organizations from Europe and China.

Skills-Development Workshops 

In conclusion, Dr. Wan told all the audience that MCE offers more than 85 workshops and has helped thousands of European executives, senior and middle-level managers in European international organizations over the last 50 years. MCE is pleased and prepared to help Chinese professionals in Europe to manage change and achieve more success in their personal career objectives.

About FCPAE 

FCPAE has 40 Chinese professional associations across the Europe with a membership of some 20,000 professionals. 

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