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Damien Jelsch's Experience as MCE Senior Associate

21 March 2012

Damien Jelsch has led a 29 year career in finance, general management, and project management in a variety of industries including construction, telecommunications, energy, and life sciences. Now, as an MCE Senior Associate, Damien has led many workshops and customized projects in finance, performance management, project management, and he is a favourite facilitator on MCE 5-Day MiniMBA. You can read Damien’s full bio here. 

In March 2012, Damien took a break from leading a Fundamentals of Finance workshop in Brussels to talk to us about how he works with groups of MCE participants. 

“Leading workshops is not about talking and being onstage. It is about listening to people. I lead my workshops like I led my meetings in corporate life…just getting to the root of people’s business issues and helping them to deal with them.  

JELSCH Damien  

I check ahead who is coming to my workshop so I can dig into their expectations and deeper down into their business issues. 

Of course I can provide some techniques to help them deal with their issues, but I also can bring my experience and how techniques have worked or not worked in real life. I speak the same language these managers do. These people are on the highway of their careers, they have to make it in the next years. They are starting to deal with CFO and senior managers directly. I can mentor them on how to do that because I have been a CFO and general manager myself.  I have lived experience that is closely related to what many of the participants are facing today. 

It’s a pleasure to coach these highly motivated managers. Early in my career, a mentor taught me the real business issues so I could move ahead. Now I want to give back by helping the next generation. I like to share my enthusiasm for business with them…we are working hard but we also have fun.” 


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