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Business simulations

As appropriate, MCE uses business simulations to help individuals to develop leadership, business acumen, entrepreneurial and strategic management skills. The simulations, from IndustryMasters®, require teamwork and collaboration among participants. MCE and IndustryMasters can adapt the simulations to meet specific customer and industry requirements. For example, they can be adapted to realistically reproduce market size, business dynamics, structure, competitor activity and financials for any business environment. The simulations are designed to support facilitator-led workshops, group development environments, and can be used as well for individuals who schedule their own learning programme. For details, visit:  

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Personality and style indicators

At MCE, we regularly use MBTI, DISC, Thomas Kilman Conflict Profile and the Platinum Rule with our participants to help them gain insights into their personal style of working, communicating and planning. We can also deliver assessments such as LIFO, HBDI and Firo B. Personality assessments can give clues to style and tendency. But they are not solid predictors of success in a particular role. For example, not all extroverts make good salespeople, and not all good salespeople are extroverts.


Predictive assessments

MCE uses assessments where they add value to a workshop or development project. We offer a number of assessments of inclination and ability—such as the Chally Assessment—that are correlated with success in a given role in sales, management, project management, etc. This is useful for development planning on an individual basis. It is also valuable for talent development and deployment planning for teams and departments. See for details.


360° feedback

There are several 360° instruments we can work with. MCE also offers a standard, proprietary 360° feedback survey that is preferred by several of our large clients. It is also possible to tailor a 360° survey around the competencies required for your organization’s business strategy.


Business research

MCE does business research in cooperation with organizations such as AT Kearney, Bain and Associates, and McKinsey. We constantly scan the business and economic environment for trends and practices that affect our customers and their success around the world.