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How to Connect the Right Value with the Right Stakeholder

TiGenix is a medical technology company active in the field of regenerative medicine, focusing on the development of innovative local treatments for damaged and osteoarthritic joints.

Lab bottles being filled

Why did TiGenix Contact Management Centre Europe?

TiGenix had an important product launch to make. The VP of Sales & Marketing at TiGenix, Mr. Patrick Haelterman, wanted to develop his field team’s negotiation skills to maximize this opportunity. His team needed to deal with a complex stakeholder mix, where they would have to convince hospitals to negotiate a constructive deal with health insurers and similar reimbursement bodies. This would require a specific approach, different from the traditional product-centric sales call to the orthopaedic surgeon.

Patrick Haelterman wanted to benefit from external expertise to develop his team to manage this situation in the best possible way. He decided to contact Management Centre Europe (MCE) to see if they could help.

How did Management Centre Europe Work with TiGenix?

Deciding on the right Customer Specific Solution for TiGenix

TiGenix and MCE agreed that the development should take the form of a workshop on negotiation skills to cover the above key issues. The workshop would focus on market access, with a strong emphasis on how to translate the right value to the right stakeholder. The field team at TiGenix needed to fully understand the above topics and apply what they practiced and learned in the workshop in order to be more confident and competent when participating in high-level business meetings with the hospital C-suite and payers.

As TiGenix was in the final part of a prelaunch phase of its product, the emphasis had moved to execution, and the workshop needed to reflect that. Role-plays break-out sessions, preparation of mini-cases, group presentations and round-table discussions would increase the learning experience.

P Haelterman of TiGenix  

Patrick Haelterman, VP of Sales & Marketing at TiGenix

Results and Benefits for TiGenix

“When I contacted MCE I would never have hoped to be getting a facilitator with such a strong knowledge and industry expertise – completely the right fit for the project and my people.”
Patrick Haelterman, vice president Sales & Marketing, TiGenix

The group of participants consisted of different nationalities and various functions, which created an environment that led to a creative collaboration and a focused learning experience. Patrick Haelterman, his country directors and the head of marketing attended the workshop. People from the regulatory affairs and reimbursement departments also attended some sessions.

TiGenix were happy with the workshop. As Patrick Haelterman commented, “When I contacted MCE I would never have hoped to be getting a facilitator with such a strong knowledge and industry expertise – completely the right fit for the project and my people”.

After the workshop, participants were able to:

  • Evaluate negotiation situations and determine the right approach for the different stakeholders
  • Develop stronger value propositions and promote product values appropriately and effectively
  • Prepare a solid negotiation strategy, and know when to walk away from a deal.


The MCE Associate selected to work with TiGenix had more than 15 years of medical products experience in commercial functions and general management. He had solid experience in Market Access and could assess the situation at TiGenix to help them with the new product launch. 



TiGenix was founded in 2000 and is the first regenerative medicine company with a clear and single disease-orientated focus. TiGenix’ ambition is to develop a comprehensive solution for joint disorders - a huge and fast growing unmet medical need in our ageing society.

TiGenix’s product for cartilage repair, ChondroCelect, has successfully completed a randomised Phase III clinical trial and will be launched in Europe when all necessary regulatory approvals are obtained. 

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