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Our Way of Advising You on Strategy Execution

MCE has expertise and experience in strategy execution

We do not define your strategy. There are plenty of good consultancies to help you formulate your strategy or re-engineer your processes.

Consulting on Strategy Implementation 

MCE can advise you on the many issues you are likely to face implementing your strategy through people

An MCE Senior Associate with real-life management experience in your industry, geographic market or management issue will work with you to get at the root of your issues, and then help you to plan a best course of action. Consulting services typically take the following format:

Clarifying the strategy 

Often MCE is called upon to help executives clarify an existing strategy, agree on what it means and implications for the organization, and identify the people issues that are likely to arise. This typically happens in a workshop format with the top team.

Making an implementation plan and portfolio of initiatives and projects 

Once the strategy is clear, MCE Senior Associates can help the top team and other relevant managers work together to plan a portfolio of initiatives and projects to implement the strategy, including timelines and key metrics. These initiatives tend to be cross-functional in nature. One of the key projects is aligning the people to the new strategy.

Helping you monitor progress  

MCE can facilitate progress review and adjustment in implementation plan at key milestones.

Supporting you with our full range of services

MCE Consulting services are supported by our other service areas, so once we find a solution with you we can help you to implement it and achieve results.

Some Recent Examples of Consulting Projects

MedTech: Restructuring and reorganization of their sales force in function of a new strategy. Part of MCE’s fee was compensated based on performance improvement on key business metrics following the project.
Pharma: Patient Centricity – what it means and how it could be implemented.
Chemicals: Leadership Pipeline and Leadership Development planning, driven by a change in strategy. Development needs analysis for key staff.
Telecom: Implementation planning for Customer Centricity strategy.
Chemicals: How to market and sell to your B2B customer’s customers
Oil & Gas: Redefining the key performance metrics and processes after a strategy adjustment.


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