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Organizational Development and Talent Management

If you are responsible for Corporate Learning and Development, if you are running a Corporate University or Management Academy, and even if you are commercializing your courses to the external market, MCE can offer you an attractive partnership.

Corporate Universities and Corporate Academies

What MCE can do for You

Our mission as always is to help you implement your strategy through your people. Read below to learn about our flexibility and the variety of ways in which we can work with you. You will find a wide range of management disciplines, industry specific topics and specialist business issues MCE covers. Please contact us with questions, for more details, or even to ask about a need you have that you don’t see addressed below.

Why Partner with MCE

Talk to MCE about Partnership Models with your Learning and Development Department, Corporate University or Management Academy

We can co-develop a completely customized solution for you, or adapt an existing capability for you. We provide consulting, help with business transformation, tactical strategy implementation, and mentoring and coaching for teams or individuals. For an exploratory discussion about your needs and ideas, and how MCE can help, please contact us.

Our open enrolment workshops for individual managers illustrate the wide range of capabilities MCE has at your disposal.


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