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B2B Customer Solutions

Implementing a Successful Strategy Requires Building a Closer Relationship with your Customers

(and their Customers, and their Customers’ Customers…)

Today customers have more choice and they demand products/services that meet their exact need –high quality and performance or a completely customized solution.

B2B Markets

You can define your Customer Value Proposition how you like, but from the point of view of your Customer, this is how the various offers on the market look.

Where do you compete?


Customer-Focused Organizations: The CEO or General Manager is also the Chief Customer Officer

“Marketing is not the art of finding ways to dispose of what you make, it is the art of creating genuine customer value.”
Philip Kotler

The product push approach – making a product and then marketing it aggressively - has been getting diminishing returns for years. Today’s successful organizations have figured out what the customer really needs and how to deliver it better than anyone else.

Moving from a Traditional Make-and-Sell Model to a Premium Offer or a Custom-Made Solution

A company may decide to go for either strategy…or both. The question then becomes how to get it done through people. It starts with the sales team and key account managers, includes the operational and design people, and requires the support of the entire organization.

Sustainability and Customer Insight are the Drivers of Innovation

Both strategies mentioned above carry the same trend: the quality, performance or customized solution the customer is looking for is also a “sustainable” one, and this is where European companies can differentiate themselves. Sustainability often means "green" or "environmentally friendly" – but not only that. It also includes "social" and "financial" dimensions. Sustainability is the major driver for innovation in B2B companies today. Choosing a Premium Offer or Custom-Made Solution requires continuous incremental innovation to be successful. That innovation today has two targets:

  1. Strengthen the customer value proposition
  2. Improve sustainability

To read more about innovation and sustainability, and how MCE can help, click here.

Building a Closer Relationship with your Customers (and their Customers, and their Customers’ Customers…)

When B2B companies produce and sell functional ingredients or components that end up in complex products several steps later along the value chain, they struggle to have the value-added of their component fully recognized by the end customer. In many cases, you cannot sell to your customer’s customer’s customer, so it is difficult to differentiate your component from that of competitors. It is also difficult to capture the full value-added of your component.

Example: In paints, the resin is the prime determinant of the performance of the paint. Some high-quality resins may make paint dry faster. The end benefit of the resin to a painter is that he can apply a second layer within hours rather than having to come back another day, which is more expensive. This benefit also reduces the “downtime” of the painted space, for the owner of the space e.g. a painted floor in a factory. The resin can clearly offer significant added value along the value chain. How can resin producers make these benefits known to the end customer and capture their fair share of the value? There are a few strategies that can have some effect:

From Being a National or Regional Company to Competing on Global Markets

Many companies, especially in the “new rich” countries, are expanding aggressively beyond national/regional borders as part of their growth strategy. They already have experience in emerging markets, and now have an opportunity to take competitive positions on the global stage. Their challenge is to refine and enhance their commercial approach. They have to develop global Sales and Key Account Management teams. They must also manage their products more competitively on the global stage. And they aim to establish themselves in the mature markets of the "traditionally rich" countries.

Talk to MCE about B2B Customer Solutions

MCE has a team of Senior Associates with B2B corporate experience in various key industries. They have held senior general management positions and have worked in more than one country. MCE Senior Associates can help you with refining and clarifying your strategy and customer value proposition. Their experience in selling, marketing, key account management, distribution and channel management, market intelligence and customer insights, product/service systems management.

For Individual Managers

For Teams, Divisions, Organizations


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