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Implementing Banking Strategy in a Growth Market

Although Return On Equity will not achieve the high rates it did before the crisis any time in the next few years, there are still many things banks can do to improve their bottom line. 

Banking ATM 


Finding a Successful Strategy in an Era of Increased Competition

The banking industry is under pressure in today’s business climate. Banks have been through big changes. There is opportunity, but there is also increasing competition. To be the preferred bank means changing “good enough” into a unique value proposition. And that means changing the way people have always done things…


There are four main areas of pressure for banks:


Consequences for Banks

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Although Return On Equity will not achieve the high rates it did before the crisis any time in the next few years, there are still many things banks can do to improve their bottom line.

Leading Implementation of Strategy and Change

The banking industry is a vital player in the health of the global economy, and its future will be decided by the actions of today’s senior managers. Will they leave behind a legacy of change and renewal? Will they be remembered as the industry captains that simplified complexity, innovated valuable new services, built a reputation as trusted advisors to customers, improved the banking experience for everyone, and attracted a new wave of young talent to the industry?

Whenever a change has to be made, the key to success lies in successful implementation. This means change for the way the bank operates and the way people work. It upsets the status quo for some senior managers. It will be a challenge to adapt a product centric culture to a new customer-centric way of working. 

Change on this level requires strong leadership. It cannot be achieved with a simple directive or surface adjustment in people policies. It requires an innovative rethink of the entire management system, in a strong partnership between bank leaders and their change agents. New systems and policies must support the strategy to be successful. The real test of a good strategy implementation plan is whether the people understand the strategy, are motivated and enabled to implement it, and actually start achieving its goals.


Talk to MCE about Implementing Banking Strategy

MCE Senior Associates have over 20 years of senior management experience, and we have a dedicated team of associates who come from senior international careers in the banking industry. They have led strategy implementation and change in difficult circumstances. They can help you partner with your leadership team in implementation of strategy, not just from theory but from what works in real life, in different contexts.


Our Senior Associates can work with your bank at all levels, helping to align different departments and divisions to your corporate strategy and customer value proposition.
MCE enables individual managers and management teams to deliver on strategic goals. 60% of strategic success is about implementation and people alignment. Therefore, people are at the core of everything we do to help you get your strategy implemented. 

Our Senior Associates draw on their years of experience in top managerial and leadership roles to help you solve problems and identify the "best practices" in different circumstances, countries and cultures. Above all, they have led their people through the challenges of developing new capabilities and working in a different way. They apply their expertise in a wide variety of services, including:


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