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Global Shifts in the Chemical Industry

Developing Your People to Deal with Global Changes in the Chemical Industry

Global industry shifts cause chemical companies to reshape their portfolios and strategies 

Chemical Industry 

The chemical industry has been always been an important employer and a major driver of the world economy. It consists of several small industries that cover hundreds of segments. The industry applies three main business models to create value for its customers:

Asset-driven players

They explore or buy oil/gas and refine it into petrochemicals and other basic chemicals. Access to the raw materials is the critical success factor.

Integrated players

Besides refining oil and providing basic chemicals, they go one step further “downstream” in the value chain into the production of polymers. Some of them might also have “specialty” divisions.

Specialty players

These players buy intermediate products (i.e., basic chemicals or polymers) and process them into specialty products related to specific functionalities. Some of them are focused on a niche market. Others are more broad-based.

These business models are based on an in-depth analysis of the market trends in the chemical industry by ATKEARNEY.

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Important Macro-Trends that Impact the Chemical Industry

Implications of Trends for the Chemical Business

ATKearney estimates that, over the next decade, the various players in the chemical industry will need to adopt different strategies to keep their businesses moving forward. Asset-driven players will probably have to restructure and shift operations closer to their growing markets. Specialty players may need to merge with each other and consolidate in order to stay competitive. And Integrated players may have to grow substantially to compete. They may also question the benefits of an integrated portfolio.

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Talk to MCE about Developing Your People to Deal with Changes in the Global Chemical Industry

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