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International Public Organizations

Increasing Pressure to Do More with Fewer Resources

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Your organization is under pressure to be more efficient - to do more with less - thanks to the continuing financial crisis.
It takes sharp management skills to achieve a mission and deliver results under such pressure.

How can you, as a manager, make progress on your goals and/or be considered for a higher grade? Which skills could you develop that would help you achieve your goals and realize your plans?

6 Groups of Skills All Managers Need to Master

There are six groups of skills you need to master in order to stand out and be eligible for higher responsibility. You are probably already strong in one or two areas. Where are your strengths, and where do you want to develop yourself in the next months and years? For more than 50 years, MCE has been training and developing managers in the public and private sectors for higher responsibility. Find out how we can help you develop yourself and your career.

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