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Bringing MedTech to New Commercial Frontiers


Medical Device companies are sometimes seen as an appendix to the Pharma business. But the "MedTech" field is a broad and rich one, with its own set of challenges and critical success factors.

The regulatory landscape, market access challenges, increasing power of purchasing departments, possibilities of Direct-to-Patient communication, and increased competition all mean that medical device companies need to get better at commercializing their products and associated services for competitive advantage. This requires a different sales and marketing approach, and more cross-functional focus toward providing and communicating value to the customers and stakeholders.

Since most MedTech companies have several divisions that differ from each other, MCE tailors its services to each area. The following sections outline the continued changes in the MedTech industry and implications for the various businesses. Find your business challenges and how MCE can help in the following sections.

 Key Trends Impacting Medical Device Companies 

 The Commercialization of MedTech 

 Key Challenges for Commercializing Medical Device Technologies 

 Talk to MCE about the Commercialization of MedTech 


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