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Oil & Gas Industry

Oil Refinery Cloudy 

The Changing Dynamics of Oil & Gas Industry

Since its discovery, petroleum has played a prominent role in the growth of the world economy and in the quality of life of societies around the world. It will continue to do so in the future. The world has changed considerably over the last century and the pace of change will continue to accelerate into the future as the world population grows. Looking ahead to 2030 or 2050, how will the O&G industry evolve and what might be the consequences for the stakeholders?

Global Mega Trends Impacting the O&G Industry

The four mega trends below will greatly influence the O&G Industry: 

O&G Industry Will Continue to be an Important Part of the Future “Energy Mix”

O&G Industry’s Shifting Landscape 

Impact of These Changes on O&G Companies and Their People

In this fast-changing and complex world, to be successful, future leaders will need to have: 

  • Global Awareness: Anticipating the next change and setting the strategy 
  • Change Management: Making and remaking organisations 
  • Relationship Building: Ambassador for the organisation 
  • Innovation: Doing things differently 
  • Multicultural Awareness, Team Building and Coaching: Working with diverse workforce and values
  • Manage Complexity and Provide Sound Judgment

For More Information

How MCE can Help You

MCE has a pool of Senior Associates with O&G industry experience in senior leadership roles, who can work with senior management teams or with individuals. They have worked in different countries and with culturally diverse teams to bring about strategic transformations. They provide their expertise in variety of ways: 

  • Open Enrolment programs for individual managers 
  • In-House management development programs

About Management Centre Europe

Management Centre Europe (MCE) is the largest provider of organizational, management development and strategy execution programmes for international companies, wherever they have operations. We enable individual managers and management teams to deliver on their strategic goals, through open-enrolment workshops, in-house workshops, advising, business mentoring, and a variety of tools, assessments and simulations.

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