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Implementing Strategy in the Telecom Industry

The Future for Telecoms: Challenging or Promising or Both?

Telecom operators in both fast-growing and mature markets are under high pressure in today’s business climate. These changes create opportunities but there is also increasing competition within the industry and from other industries. 

Telecom Industry 

The model of providing “good enough” services and locking customers into subscriptions is under pressure – telcos must now attract customer segments with relevant and unique value propositions. At the same time, operating costs need to be brought under control and many telcos are planning efficiency improvements. Either of these pressures on its own requires change that telco people are not used to. Achieving both of those requires major Leadership changes.

Major Trends Changing the World of Telecoms

MCE has identified four main areas of pressure for Telecoms:

 4 Trends in Telecom 

Trend 1. Competition

Trend 2. Technology

Technological disruption changes customer behavior and expectations.

Trend 3. Customers

Telecom managers and employees may have a technical mindset. But your customers do not see you as a technology. They see you as a means of connectivity, or as a convenience. They expect everything on demand, mobile, for free and will only pay for clear convenience of usage (where and when I want it, and on what device).

Trend 4. Employees

As a result of the above pressures, the people in the telecom industry are facing the necessity of major change in their way of working. But in an industry with a tradition of hierarchy, silos, and doing things a certain way, how do you change? How do you act nimbly, spark innovation, strike up partnerships, merge with other companies, and become customer-focused?

Talk to MCE about Implementing Your Telecom Strategy

MCE's Senior Associates

Our Senior Associates can work with management teams or individual managers to address all of the people and change management challenges facing industries, businesses and organizations today. They draw on their years of experience in top managerial and leadership roles to help you solve problems and identify "what works" in different circumstances, countries and cultures. Above all, they have led their people through the challenges of developing new capabilities and working in a different way. They apply their expertise in a wide variety of services, including:



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