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MCE's Capabilities for the Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Industry in a World of Changing Dynamics

Oil and Gas Industry 

Looking ahead to 2030 or 2050, how will the O&G Industry evolve and what might be the consequences for the stakeholders?

Four mega trends will greatly influence the O&G Industry:

  1. Changes in demographics
  2. Globalisation and differential GDP growth between developing and developed world
  3. Changes in energy consumption and where it is consumed
  4. Climate change and sustainability

Leaders and managers in the Oil and Gas Industry will need to be innovative in their responses to these trends. MCE can support your development needs by drawing on its specialised capabilities in the Oil and Gas Industry.


MCE Senior Associates

MCE Senior Associates with expertise in the Chemical industry can help you scan the trends in your external environment and assess the impacts for your company. We can help you to refine your strategy and customer value proposition for different segments of the business. We can help you plan your strategy implementation and change programme, and help you lead your people to make the changes and achieve the results. We can develop these capabilities in your managers. We can also develop the business capabilities of your engineers.

Our Senior Associates apply their expertise in a wide variety of services, including:


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