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Why choose an MCE Open Enrolment Programme?



  • Hands-on and practical: MCE’s programmes are designed to be hands-on, so that you will be able to implement what you learn as soon as you are back at work. The programmes are relevant, useful and practical.  
  • Facilitators: the programmes are delivered by facilitators and not classic trainers. MCE facilitators are business people like you, with a solid international experience and who can really make sure that you understand and can implement what you are learning.   
  • International Focus: MCE ensures that international best practice is part of every Programme, so that you can learn how to implement best practices.   
  • Engaging: all MCE programmes are interactive, interesting, relevant and engaging. There is lots of group work, interaction and project work, so that you can learn and apply at the same time.   

Some Key Facts:  

  • almost 400,000 people from 120 countries have taken part in MCE’s Open Enrolment Programmes since 1961.  
  • more than 40 programmes are offered throughout the EMEA region covering leading self, leading others and leading business areas.   



Leading Self

Developing Personal Influence and Impact

Interacting with Others to Get Things Done

Communicating to Your Senior Management and Key Stakeholders

Negotiating Effectively

Leading Others

MCE Leadership Development Programme

Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers

Managing People

Leading Business

5-Day Mini MBA for International Managers

Business Management Skills

Project Management


Strategy and Implementation




Human Resources

MCE Development Needs Assessment Questionnaire

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