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MCE Business Trends Overview

26 October 2011

Business has been fairly constant since the 1960s until 2007. We assumed the economy would continue to grow. Today’s managers made their careers in somewhat easy conditions. There were short periods of crisis, but they were quickly resolved by growth.


Today, managers face deep changes that they have never seen before. We will not go back to business as usual.


To demonstrate how the world is changing—and how the changes will affect all businesses around the world—MCE presents an overview of six trends that will have a long-term impact. This is not an exhaustive list of trends. But each of the six trends interacts with the others. In this way, the trends compound and complicate each other.



Six Trends that are Reshaping Business and the Global Economy

1. Economic Shift: A “new rich” world is taking shape

2. Resource Demand: Population growth and prosperity put higher demand on natural resources

3. ICT’s Crucial Role: ICT and other technologies will play a major role in growth

4. Growth Model: A new model for economic growth will emerge

5. Government Policy: The role of government and emerging new policies are critical

6. Consumer Behaviour: Changing realities mean changing values and behaviour


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