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Join our Social Communities


Why join an online community?

At MCE we believe that there is a lot of wisdom and innovative thinking amongst practicing managers like you. We have seen the power of peer-to-peer learning and idea sharing many times in our workshops, and we would like to enable this kind of sharing and learning from each other on a larger scale via social media. We believe that you have a lot of wisdom to contribute, and a lot to gain from the contributions of your fellow community members.
More reasons to join
• Participate in a network with other managers from across Europe, Russia and the Middle East.
• Ask advice and share your experience.
• Community membership and participation are free of charge.
• Membership is only for practicing managers and executives. The community will be closely moderated for a high quality conversation. Anyone engaging in spamming, self-promotion or behaviour that negatively affects community cohesion will be removed.

How to join?

To make it easy for you to participate and stay up to date, we are hosting the communities on LinkedIn. Just click on the link given for the community that interests you, and follow the instructions to join.

Management Centre Europe (MCE)
MCE has created this community to enable the exchange of experiences, advice and opportunities amongst practicing managers in International companies.

MCE Future of Management
MCE Future of Management is for practicing managers to discuss major trends in the business environment, the implications for management.

MCE Business-Focused HR
The purpose of this group is to discuss how HR adds value to the business, and how this is evolving given the changes we are seeing in the business environment.

MCE Leadership Network for Women in Senior Management
This group is for women in senior leadership roles responsible for implementation of strategy, who have few female role models and peers in their organization. We aim, by discussion, to find ways to meet challenges like balancing career & motherhood, overcoming stereotypes, asserting ourselves.

MCE High Potential Network for Women Managers
This community is for young women managers working hard at career progression, to discuss the challenges of balancing career and family, getting recognized, networking, and advancing in your career.

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