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Europe’s Successful Exporters

How Europe’s Successful Mid-sized B2B Exporters Outperform Everyone on Growth and Profitability, Even During the Crisis

European Mid-sized Exporters 

Europe’s Successful Exporters are mid-sized companies (average 2000 employees worldwide with average revenues of €300 m). Most are B2B. They keep low profiles. Their products and services are not widely known to the general public. Yet, they have quietly become “best-in-class” global leaders in their markets and are highly respected.

Their growth and profitability have consistently outperformed large companies: Over the last ten years, their profitability has averaged 10%-12%, compared to only 5.7% for the Fortune Global 500 giants, and they grew 3.7 times faster. Many are located in Germany (where they are called the “Mittelstand”), Switzerland, The Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. They contribute disproportionately to the GDP growth of their countries. They tend to serve niche markets and have few competitors.

A Major Influence on MCE’s Approach

These successful companies practice management differently than the “conventional” wisdom in the mainstream business press. Because of their pragmatic approach and their consistent success, MCE takes its inspiration for leadership and strategy implementation from them.

How do they Achieve their Outstanding Performance?

The best practices of these successful exporters are based on the research of Hermann Simon, conducted over many years, and published in Hidden Champions of the 21st Century: Success Strategies of Unknown World Market Leaders, Simon-Kucher and Partners, Bonn 2009

The practices below are common to these Successful Exporters. They could be adopted by larger companies, within divisions.

Many Practices are Relevant for Large Corporations and Even International Public Organizations

Many of these practices are transferrable to larger organizations, and could help to improve competitiveness, and lay a stronger foundation to weather future crises. In fact, many of the Successful Exporters emerged from troubled positions in past crises.

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