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Business-Focused HR

Business-Focused HR

The global economy has changed and so businesses are changing to gain a strong position for themselves in the emerging new order. Some of the key changes:

  • Increased Customer Focus
  • Strategic shift toward very high Value-Added products, services, and systems
  • Move to offer Customized Solutions and expertise for most strategic customers
  • Shifting growth strategies to Emerging Markets, implying some decentralization
HR Business Partnership

All of these strategy adjustments require change in how people see the customer relationship, how they see their jobs and how they do their jobs. The strategy will fail if leaders cannot get people to implement it, and that is where leaders need the close support and partnership of HR.

Four Ways HR Contributes to Achieving Implementation of Strategy and Change

  1. Change Driver: Engage employees to implement strategy
  2. Talent Manager: Recruit, retain, deploy the right talent for your strategy
  3. Leadership Pipeline Designer: Develop future leaders for your strategy
  4. Performance Consultant: Optimize the performance of your people

Change Driver: Engage Employees to Implement Strategy

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MCE Business-Focused HR
The purpose of this group is to discuss how HR adds value to the business, and how this is evolving given the changes we are seeing in the business environment.
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When there is a change in strategy, there is a change for the people in your organization. The more people are engaged, motivated and enabled to implement the strategy, the better your chances of success and strong results. That impacts organizational design, workforce planning, talent management, appraisals and rewards. This is where senior and line management needs the advice, coaching and implementation support of HR. The job cannot be “outsourced” to HR. Both line and HR have learned they need to work together in partnership to engage people for change. 

There are six areas where leaders can engage people to implement the strategy. They are mentioned below, from the point of view of the people. The role of HR is crucial - if elements in all six areas are aligned, HR can provide a lot of value. When HR activities are not in alignment, it can be a drag on strategy implementation, and detract from value creation. Click here to read more about Leading Implementation of Strategy and Change.

Talent Manager: Recruit, Retain, Deploy the Right Talent for Your Strategy

One of the best known roles of HR is finding and hiring the right people to implement the strategy. In the past, the focus has been on job descriptions, best practice and market availability. Today, HR starts with the requirements of the business strategy, then how to get it done, then what specific capabilities are required and where they can be found. The challenge is to define strategy-specific competencies, screen new hires against these, assess people in the company and deploy them according to their potential.

Leadership Pipeline Designer: Develop Future Leaders for Your Strategy

How do you develop your future leaders? Generic skills, or do you tailor your learning and development to the strategy of the company? What kind of leaders get ahead in your company? The ones who support and uphold the strategy, values and desired culture, or those who fit some other criteria?
Developing future leaders is a long-term investment with uncertain returns. But HR can bring more certainty and even capture some immediate returns when it is able to tailor development programmes to the strategic direction of the company, and also combining them with strategic cross-functional projects that support the strategy.

Performance Consultant: Optimize the Performance of Your People

Manage performance – you can only manage what you measure

Performance appraisal, compensation and rewards have an important impact on behaviour. Yet, they are the most overlooked areas when seeking ways to get people to change. In many cases, the company is telling people to do one thing, but is still rewarding for a different thing.

Performance metrics, departmental and individual scorecards, appraisals, and criteria for career advancement all need to be in line with the requirements of the current strategy. Or people will feel a big disconnect between what they are being asked to do and what is actually being rewarded or punished. It seems logical but it is very hard to achieve.

Talk to MCE about HR Business Strategy

MCE's Senior Associates

MCE Senior Associates have 20-30 years of senior management experience, and we have a team of associates who come from senior HR careers. They have led strategy implementation and change themselves many times. They can help you partner with your leadership team in implementation of strategy, not just from theory but from what works in real life, in different contexts.

Our Senior Associates can work with your organization at all levels, helping to align different departments and divisions to your corporate strategy. They can work with your HR team to craft HR strategy, policies and processes that support the business strategy.

Our Senior Associates apply their expertise in a wide variety of services, including:.



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