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Building an Effective Strategy Implementation

Management Centre Europe (MCE) is the largest provider of strategy implementation programmes for international companies throughout Europe, Russia and the Middle East


60% of Strategy Success Depends on Implementation. That depends on PEOPLE.

MCE’s mission is to enable individual managers and management teams to implement strategy. The key success factor in getting your strategy implemented and achieving strategic goals is your people. They can only implement the strategy if:

  • They understand it and commit to it
  • They have the necessary capabilities to do it
  • There is a clear, implementable plan backed up by a management system dedicated to achieving the objectives

MCE helps organizations, teams and individual managers with all of the above. MCE does not formulate your strategy, or re-engineer your processes. We start with your strategy. From there, we enable your people to implement the strategy.

Practical, business-focused, and based on experience

All MCE’s services are delivered by experienced ex-senior executives, rather than academics or consultants. They have all led international careers at senior level, with at least 20 years of management experience. They are experts in their industries and in senior functional areas or general management. Solutions are based on practical business tools and approaches, not academic theories or five-step success formulae. Solutions are built around the business issues you face, and the capabilities needed to face them, rather than single management disciplines. With MCE, you benefit from the experience of senior managers who have done it themselves, and are ready to share their practical know-how with you.

MCE's Senior Associates

Our Senior Associates can work with management teams or individual managers to address all of the people and change management challenges facing industries, businesses and organizations today. They draw on their years of experience in top managerial and leadership roles to help you solve problems and identify "what works" in different circumstances, countries and cultures. Above all, they have led their people through the challenges of developing new capabilities and working in a different way. They apply their expertise in a wide variety of services, including:


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