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Working Together for Measurable Success

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You have adjusted your strategy for your function or division. That means change for your people and it requires new behaviours and capabilities. MCE can help you develop these capabilities in the people you rely on to implement your strategy.

What You Measure, You Can Manage

MCE believes that the main reason for undertaking any kind of transformation or development is to achieve better business results.

We are willing to work with you, to agree up front on the results you want to achieve and the metrics that will tell you whether it has been achieved. We will co-design a solution with you to achieve those results.

And we are willing to base part of our fee on whether those results have been achieved or not. 

To request more information, or to set up a meeting with MCE about this offer, please click here and fill in the contact form.

How We Work with You

If the key performance indicators produce positive business results, MCE is willing to have part of its compensation based on achieving your pre-determined and agreed-upon key performance measures.

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