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Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Managers in Pharma and Biotech companies today have to manage rapidly changing business conditions. How can they align their people to new strategies, manage changing relationships and expand into new territories? The workshops below are designed for individuals and groups of managers who seek new ideas, answers and approaches to help their companies adapt to changes in pharma/biotech and the global economy. Select a workshop, choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation.
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Senior Management Workshops

Patient Centricity in Pharma and BiotechNew Workshop

The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally been driven by innovation and products. Its communications predominantly focused on physicians i.e. the prescribers. With the ongoing changes in the healthcare environment, new stakeholders have gained considerable importance for Pharma, for instance patients. Selecting a pharmaceutical product is one of the choices that empowered patients can and do make nowadays. This workshop will review various approaches to drive growth by adopting customer-centric and patient-centric business models in Pharma. Read more

Medical Affairs

This workshop provides a solid overview of the current, mid- and longer-term trends in the healthcare environment impacting your business today and tomorrow. It will help you find answers to the key challenges in Medical Affairs and maximize the opportunities for you and your company. Participants will survey several mega-trends in the healthcare environment, including: demographics, ageing of the popultaion and increase in overall disease burden; economics of healthcare, cost-containment and working toward value-for-money; disease management, risk-sharing and pay-for-performance; medical science liaison in the world of specialized pharmaceuticals and personalized medicine; and enhancement of commercial efforts by the Medical functions, while maintaining corporate integrity and compliance with ethics, governance and regulations. How these trends impact your business and the consequences on Medical Affairs will be the focus of discussions, exchanges and exercises. Read more

Market Access in the Pharma and Biotech Industry

The consequences of the mega-trends in the healthcare environment on your business and on your corporate strategy: Demographics, aging of the population and increase in overall disease burden. Economics of healthcare, generics, cost-containment and strive for value-for-money. Disease management, risk-sharing and pay-for-performance. Roles of Regulatory Affairs, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Advocacy, Public Affairs, Communications and Marketing in Market Access.


In order to cope with the new and future Pricing & Reimbursement requirements, Pharma must develop very effective strategies addressing the demanding needs of its multiple stakeholders. Market access is rapidly becoming the key to survival and long-term success in pharmaceuticals.


This workshop will give you a solid overview of the current, mid- and longer-term trends in the healthcare environment impacting your business today and tomorrow. It will help you find, organize and deliver answers to the ever increasing demands of your Stakeholders.

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Mid-level Management Workshops

5-Day Mini MBA for the Pharma and Biotech Industry Top 40 Workshop

More than ever before, the dynamics and fast pace of the new healthcare environment require cross-functional experts who master complexity and go beyond silo thinking. The "Mini-MBA" is based on the key areas of the MBA that have been especially tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. It provides you with the intellectual capital needed to excel as a high-performance manager in this fast-moving industry. Read more

Managing Biopharma R&D Projects for Success and ROINew Workshop

To get a better return on R&D investments, pharma companies want to improve the efficiency of their R&D activities. They need R&D managers with strong project management capability in addition to their scientific expertise. This workshop gives R&D managers the methodology they need to run projects smoothly, efficiently and leading to the desired outcomes. Scientific expertise combined with the ability to manage projects and achieve targets through others are a winning combination for advancement in a pharma career. Read more

Good Manufacturing Practices in Pharma and BiotechNew Workshop

This workshop helps participants thoroughly understand the Good Manufacturing Processes as they relate to the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. You will analyze and adapt your GMP strategy to balance product safety and effectiveness with process efficiency and supply chain sustainability. Beyond regulatory compliance, you will discover how to make the design and the implementation of GMP a lasting competitive advantage in the challenging context of the pharmaceutical industry. Read more

Key Account Management and Sales Excellence in the Biopharma IndustryNew Workshop

For pharma product prescribers, the market is rapidly changing from "one size fits all" to tailored efforts based on customer value, behaviour and attitudes. Product or disease information is available to anyone 24/7 on the Internet. In many markets, decision power is shifting away from the individual prescriber to networks of physicians, health insurers, governments and even patients. These new trends require a stronger relationship with teams inside your company, true customer focus and rigorous stakeholder analysis and influence mapping.  Read more

Pharma and Biotech Brand Management

New channels and stakeholders are emerging in the Pharma and Biotech industry, and the customers’ view on value is changing. Brand management, product management and marketing have become more complex and require new strategies and tactics.

To stay ahead, Pharma and Biotech brand managers and marketers need to sharpen and challenge their strategic marketing skills, identify and seize the significant marketing opportunities offered by new stakeholders and channels, and become more customer-centric in the process.

The Brand Management in Pharma and Biotech workshop provides new and experienced brand managers the tools to do that.

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