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Business Management Skills

All managers need to develop skills that go beyond their areas of specialization, skills that contribute high value to their companies - and that will help advance their careers. The workshops below will help you understand the overall business context of your company and how the key business functions work together in support of the strategy. Select a workshop, choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation.
MCE also offers fully customized services for your organization. For an overview of the services and topics we offer, click here.

Mid-level Management Workshops

Critical ThinkingNew Workshop Top 40 Workshop

This workshop develops your critical thinking and problem-solving skills for making better business decisions for your department, your business unit, and your company. You will learn solid techniques for analyzing problems, generating and evaluating solutions, selecting and implementing the best solutions. These techniques will help you with your immediate challenges and will continue to be valuable throughout your career. Read more

5-Day Mini MBA Top 40 Workshop

MCE’s 5-Day Mini MBA prepares participants to move into more senior positions or into new functions different from their educational background. Participants are exposed to the core disciplines of general management, and how different functional disciplines work together to achieve the strategy. Read more

Essentials of Management Top 40 Workshop

The operational side of management is about getting things done through goal-setting, work planning, budgeting, organizing and controlling. The more you can master the basic tasks of management, the more effective you are at getting things done, creating real value for your company.  And the more you show your management ability to get things done and add value, the better it is for your career progression. Read more

Risk Management for ManagersNew Workshop

Starting with the importance of the Risk Culture awareness, the workshop addresses all the key elements of a modern Risk Management Process, as well as the typical Risk Management organization which monitors the process. Managers will gain a solid overview of the enterprise Risk Management concept and its influence on their areas of responsibility. Read more

Managing Chaos: Tools to Set Priorities and Make Decisions Under PressureNew Workshop

Learn fast, easy-to-use tools and techniques to manage unproductive confusion and disorder and transform chaos into controllable challenges. This seminar equips you with the most effective tools to plan your day and adjust to shifting priorities and demands—with less stress and greater clarity. Read more

Developing and Presenting Business Plans

Learn how to package your proposed business initiatives in a solid business plan that supports your company strategy and includes all the elements your board or senior management team need to make a decision and commit real support and resources. Read more

Maximizing Outsourcing

You will learn about the issues surrounding the management of vendors, sub-contractors, distributors, and both internally and externally outsourced activities that are all vital to the success of your business unit or department. You will learn how to set up workable arrangements that satisfy the need for high service levels at an acceptable cost. Read more

Time Management

This workshop helps you better manage your priorities and time to achieve your objectives, cope more effectively with everyday work demands and meet expectations, communicate more efficiently with bosses, colleagues and team members, and effectively manage your stress level.  You will also manage your time better by getting your direct reports to manage their time better. Read more

Consulting Skills for Managers

Conducting value-added projects in your organization requires a professional approach. You need to be sure that you understand the issues in the value chain and that your solution improves value creation overall. You need to get to the heart of the issues and design a solution that really helps your internal customers and senior management stakeholders. Read more