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Business Management Skills

All managers need to develop skills that go beyond their areas of specialization, skills that contribute high value to their companies - and that will help advance their careers. The programmes below will help you understand the overall business context of your organization and how the key business functions work together in support of the strategy.To find out more click on the links below. 

 thumbs upThe most popular programmes in this area include: 5-Day Mini MBA for International Managers, the 5-Day Mini MBA for the Pharma and Biotech Industry and Essentials of Management 

Senior Management Programmes

Leading Innovation

In today’s new era of innovation, disruption is the new norm, intensified by digitalization and shifts in customer needs. It is easier than ever to engage with a global audience, create and commercialize a new product or service, and start a new business. As a leader, how do you instill new thinking and capabilities for continuous renewal and competitiveness? How do you find your pathway in the overwhelming changes in the innovation landscape?
How will you manage to move your organization forward? This program gives you a taste of innovation approaches and leadership capabilities that help you drive new business growth and thinking across your organization. Over two intensive days you will acquire tools and gather insights for instilling an innovation drive within your organization in a successful way. Learn how to harness the power of all levels of the organization in inventing the future and defining the pathway to success.

Download the PDF Brochure here.  

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Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers

You are facing a leadership challenge. Your organization has to make strategic adjustments, or perhaps adopt a new strategic direction, and that means change for a lot of people. You are not sure how you are going to get people across the organization to act together in function of the strategy and achieve the goals. What should you as a leader do to align your people, get their buy-in, get the strategy implemented, and reinforce the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to flawless execution?

Download the PDF Brochure Here.

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Mid-level Management Programmes

Essentials of Management

The operational side of management is about getting things done through goal-setting, work planning, budgeting, organizing and controlling. The more you can master the basic tasks of management, the more effective you are at getting things done, creating real value for your company.  And the more you show your management ability to get things done and add value, the better it is for your career progression.

Download the PDF brochure here. 

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Business Strategy for Managers

How is strategy generated in your organization and how can you contribute as a manager? Better strategic understanding and planning leads to better evaluation of future opportunities, smarter allocation of resources, and higher chances of creating long term value. The ability to plan for the future is often a prerequisite for being promoted to higher responsibility. Business Strategy for Managers equips rising managers with the tools and methodologies they need to understand how to develop and implement an effective strategic business plan that is aligned with the corporate strategy. 

Download the PDF Brochure here 

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