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Business Management Skills

All managers need to develop skills that go beyond their areas of specialization, skills that contribute high value to their companies - and that will help advance their careers. The programmes below will help you understand the overall business context of your organization and how the key business functions work together in support of the strategy.To find out more click on the links below. 

 thumbs upThe most popular programmes in this area include: the 5-Day Mini MBA, the 5-Day Mini MBA for the Pharma and Biotech Industry and Essentials of Management 

Mid-level Management Programmes

Managing Chaos

Within the chaos, there are things you can control.
Chaos is becoming a part of many organizations' reality. In this fast-paced workshop, you'll learn how to leverage a variety of easy-to-use tools and techniques to alleviate, clarify, and eliminate “controllable” chaos. Discover how to apply these tools to YOUR situation. And develop a solid action plan to keep your head above water, make immediate improvements, and achieve measurable results.
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5-Day Mini MBA

Get the real business skills you need to support your career in just 5 days. As a manager today, you need to have a good solid understanding of all parts of the business to succeed. It is not enough anymore to just work on your own, you have to work across the company. But if you have a scientific, engineering, technical or specialist background, how can you get this understanding and experience quickly? What tools do you need? How do the different parts of the company really work? 

New Pricing for the 5-Day Mini MBA €3,950 (from 1st July 2015) for full information on our new flexible cancellation policy and new programme pricing click here.

Download the PDF Brochure Here.  

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5-Day Mini MBA for the Pharma and Biotech Industry

More than ever before, the dynamics and fast pace of the new healthcare environment require cross-functional experts who master complexity and go beyond silo thinking. The "Mini-MBA" is based on the key areas of the MBA that have been especially tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. It provides you with the intellectual capital needed to excel as a high-performance manager in this fast-moving industry.

Download the PDF Brochure here.

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Essentials of Management

The operational side of management is about getting things done through goal-setting, work planning, budgeting, organizing and controlling. The more you can master the basic tasks of management, the more effective you are at getting things done, creating real value for your company.  And the more you show your management ability to get things done and add value, the better it is for your career progression. Read more

Effective Presentation Skills for Impact

Communicating has always been a key management skill, and today that means communicating through different media in order to reach the people you need to work with and implement strategy.  How do you formulate a strong message and how do you keep it from getting lost in translation via different technology channels – email, teleconference, webinar, collaboration networks, etc? How do you get dialogue and meaningful input from people? This workshop helps you to use different communication media more effectively to achieve your goals. Read more

5-Day Mini MBA for the Chemical Industry

Globalization, REACH, green chemistry, waste reduction, sustainability, operational efficiency: a Chemical Industry manager’s role is being very much impacted by many rapidly evolving trends. This industry specific mini-MBA will look at the trees and the forest simultaneously in order to achieve results, growth and a socially responsible company status. It will allow you to understand the critical business aspects of the Chemical Industry and link them with the potential future scenarios while optimizing your role as a manager in an industry that is producing so many building blocks for construction, health & food, automotive, materials and the likes. Read more

5-Day Mini MBA for the Oil and Gas Industry

The world of Oil and Gas is dynamic and changing fast. This programme prepares Managers in the Oil and Gas Industry and related service industries to move into more senior positions. It provides participants with a holistic and integrated view of running business in the Oil and Gas Industry. It covers four key aspects of management and shows how they work together to add value – Strategy, Operations, Finance and Leadership. The programme is tailored with a focus on how to address the requirements and challenges faced in the Upstream Oil and Gas Business/Industry.

Download the PDF Brochure here.  

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Executive Assistants Programmes

The Professional Executive Assistant

This workshop provides Executive Assistants with tools and methods to become confident decision-makers and creative thinkers and how to better manage their work and their careers.
Download the PDF Brochure here.  Read more

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