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Communication and Influence Skills

Every manager needs to be able to communicate clearly and effectively to senior management, colleagues and peers, team members and subordinates, and use new communication media effectively. The workshops in this group provide you with knowledge, tools and skills to sell your ideas, persuade others, negotiate and resolve conflicts. Select a workshop, choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation.
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Mid-level Management Workshops

How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact and CredibilityNew Workshop Top 40 Workshop

Learn how to choose and use the most appropriate words and emotional tone for every business situation. In just two days, you’ll gain insights into your communication style and that of others, while providing you with skills for clearly and effectively receiving and transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and needs. Read more

Interacting with Others to Get Things Done Top 40 Workshop

You can have the best technical skills, you can have the right management structures and systems in place, but you still might have trouble getting others to collaborate with you, because of problems with interpersonal relationships. Whether the problem sits with you or if the people you have to deal with are particularly difficult, there is something you can do about it.  This workshop helps you improve your working relationships to improve your business results. Read more

Developing Personal Influence and Impact Top 40 Workshop

To implement your strategy and meet your objectives, you need to influence a lot of people – peers, senior managers, perhaps customers or suppliers – not to mention your own direct reports. Being able to influence others to achieve outcomes is a core management skill you need for your career.  This workshop helps you navigate politics and the “informal” organization so you can secure resources, collaboration, and get things done. Read more

Communicating to Your Senior Management and Key Stakeholders Top 40 Workshop

Communication is a critical skill for every manager. Getting your ideas and issues across to the key people who can support you in implementing the strategy is a very tough job, and if you can’t communicate your idea or issue properly, it may always be sidelined in your company. This workshop helps you frame your ideas and issues in strategic business language, to speak and understand the language of senior managers. Read more

Business Communication and Presentation Skills Top 40 Workshop

Communicating has always been a key management skill, and today that means communicating through different media in order to reach the people you need to work with and implement strategy.  How do you formulate a strong message and how do you keep it from getting lost in translation via different technology channels – email, teleconference, webinar, collaboration networks, etc? How do you get dialogue and meaningful input from people? This workshop helps you to use different communication media more effectively to achieve your goals. Read more

Strategic Negotiation Skills Top 40 Workshop

This workshop provides you with the negotiation skills to deal with business situations – from everyday negotiation situations to more complex deal-making – and to get better results in every situation. This is a core skill for any management career. Read more

Getting Results without Formal AuthorityNew Workshop

Learn how to influence people by building your power base using the Personal Power Model…understand exchange and reciprocity (the first steps in the influence process) …adapt behaviour patterns that build credibility…persuade with a framework of discovery, preparation and dialogue…master the key components of negotiation.

You’ll practice influencing techniques right from day one through the final activity on day three of this information-packed program—and enhance your learning with videos, exercises, assessment tools and group discussions.

Read more

Assertiveness for ManagersNew Workshop

Learn how to channel assertiveness skills to interact more effectively with people throughout your organization. Read more

Assertiveness for Women

In order to implement your strategy and to meet your objectives, you need to be able to communicate clearly about goals and the actions needed to achieve them. You will need the buy-in and support of senior management, your direct reports, and your colleagues in other departments whose cooperation you require. Many women have difficulty asserting themselves because they don’t want to appear as too aggressive. But this can cost in lost productivity and in slowing down your career progression. Read more

Managing Conflict

Some conflict is good because it can lead to better ideas and business solutions. A lot of conflict that happens in companies, if unresolved, blocks collaboration, and ability to implement strategy and create value. Lost potential value, even if not on the balance sheet, is costing your company! Managing Conflict provides you with the tools to face and resolve conflicts in a win-win manner. Read more