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Executive Assistants

In recent years, the executive assistant’s role in industry and commerce has changed dramatically. Usually working in a high-pressure area where executives delegate extensively, executive assistants have to be prepared to accept increasing responsibility. They must understand the aims and objectives of the organization, be aware of the principles of management, leadership and human behaviour.

The workshops below address the knowledge and skills required to be a high-performing and valued executive assistant. Select a workshop, choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation.

Executive Assistants Programmes

The Professional Executive Assistant

This workshop provides Executive Assistants with tools and methods to become confident decision-makers and creative thinkers and how to better manage their work and their careers.
Download the PDF Brochure here.  Read more

Communication and Influence for Executive Assistants

Getting things done in the organization, in support of senior management objectives, requires more than just technical skills. Communication and Influence for Executive Assistants helps you maximize your personal and professional potential by developing your “soft skills”. This includes self-awareness, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, personal openness, communicating with confidence; handling conflict, and making commitments to your personal development.


Download the PDF Brochure here. 

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