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The Financial Management group is a critical part of the management team of any company. They are even more important when financial resources are tight and capital allocations are difficult. The programs in this area help members of the finance team to expand and deepen their knowledge and skills in numerous aspects of financial management. Select a program, choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation.
MCE also offers fully customized services for your organization. For an overview of the services and topics we provide, click here.

Senior Management Programmes

Financial Excellence: Create Value in Your Organization

Companies today are facing a more and more global, complex and unstable market environment. As a Manager, how are you differentiating your organization from competition? What strategic options did you consider? Instead of looking for long-term strategic sustainable alternatives, many companies are focused on short-term profit maximizing. This situation generates a lot of pressure cascaded down from the Board of Directors to the Senior Management, from the Senior Management to the Middle Management and from the Middle Management to the individual employee.


Download the PDF Brochure here.  

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Mid-level Management Programmes

Finance for Non-financial Managers

Understand, interpret and act on financial information, and contribute to your business profitability. 

How many times have you been sitting in a meeting and you have felt totally lost because you simply don’t understand all the finance jargon? Your Director of Finance keeps talking about assets, capitalisation, debt and equity financing, financial ratios and present value index, but what do these terms really mean? Your management team probably shares and keeps referring to the P&L and the balance sheet. But what are all these numbers really saying? How do you evaluate the financial health of your organisation? How do you use all that data to develop or adapt your strategy? How do you manage and justify your team or department’s budget? 


Download the PDF Brochure Here.  

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Financial Planning and Analysis for Controllers

Controllers and other financial managers have a need to define and assess multiple aspects of a company's performance. The workshop addresses accounting regulations, budgeting, forecasting and KPI tools to support company reporting activities.


Download The PDF Brochure Here. 

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