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Innovation is a fundamental key to competitive advantage, but…how do you make innovation happen in your organization? Where do you capitalize on innovation for the biggest return on investment? Research shows that beyond product development, there are large returns to be captured by innovating in other areas – business model, financing and customer experience, for example.

The program below helps you manage ideas when they start flowing, and enables you to create an innovation culture in your organization. Choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation.

MCE also offers fully customized services for your organization. For an overview of the services and topics we offer, click here.

Senior Management Programmes

Leading Innovation

In today’s new era of innovation, disruption is the new norm, intensified by digitalization and shifts in customer needs. It is easier than ever to engage with a global audience, create and commercialize a new product or service, and start a new business. As a leader, how do you instill new thinking and capabilities for continuous renewal and competitiveness? How do you find your pathway in the overwhelming changes in the innovation landscape?
How will you manage to move your organization forward? This program gives you a taste of innovation approaches and leadership capabilities that help you drive new business growth and thinking across your organization. Over two intensive days you will acquire tools and gather insights for instilling an innovation drive within your organization in a successful way. Learn how to harness the power of all levels of the organization in inventing the future and defining the pathway to success.

Download the PDF Brochure here.  

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