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Leadership and People Management

Effective managers lead their people to create value. How do they do it? The workshops below provide tools, concepts and practices for managing people in a wide range of situations. Select a workshop, choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation.
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Senior Management Workshops

Leadership for Senior Managers Top 40 Workshop

You are facing a leadership challenge. Your organization has to make strategic adjustments, or perhaps adopt a new strategic direction, and that means change for a lot of people. You are not sure how you are going to get people across the organization to act together in function of the strategy and achieve the goals. What should you as a leader do to align your people, get their buy-in, get the strategy implemented, and reinforce the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to flawless execution? Read more

Leadership for Senior Managers in International Public OrganisationsNew Workshop

The public sector is caught in a perfect storm: Increasing needs and expectations of stakeholders are converging with pressure for performance efficiency and value for money from funders and taxpayers. Whether you are working for international or national governments, institutions or agencies – the pressures of this perfect storm are pushing your organization toward changing the way it does things to be able to continue its mission. Read more

Leadership for Senior Managers (in Russian)New Workshop

Какие вопросы рассматриваются на семинаре?  

В мире, где почти каждой компании приходится периодически вносить некоторые изменения в свою стратегию (во многих случаях эти изменения существенны), руководители испытывает определенные трудности в налаживании надлежащей работы своих сотрудников, т.е. не всегда могут должным образом ориентировать их на реализацию стратегии компании. Вашей ключевой задачей как менеджера высшего звена, помимо определения стратегии, является мотивирование сотрудников к реализации этой стратегии.

Семинар MCE «Лидерство для руководителей высшего звена: как добиться реализации стратегии в Вашей компании» рассматривает потребности руководства с точки зрения двух очень влиятельных групп заинтересованных лиц: Ваших клиентов и Ваших сотрудников.

Неотъемлемой частью любой стратегии является «предложение ценности покупателю». Такие предложения могут быть классифицированы по 4 основным типам. Каждый тип требует индивидуального подхода. Каково ваше предложение ценности клиенту? Уверенны ли вы, что выполняете свои обязательства именно так
как ценит и предпочитает Ваш клиент? Что необходимо Вашим сотрудникам для того, чтобы разработать предложение ценности?

Вашей задачей как руководителя является: 

  • определение общего направления деятельности компании или подразделения и обеспечение правильного взаимодействия подчинённых; 
  • постановка четких целей и определение показателей эффективности результатов работы; 
  • обеспечение надлежащих процессов и структур; 
  • обеспечение сотрудников необходимыми инструментами и навыками;
  • создание поддерживающей стратегию системы оплаты труда и поощрений

Все вышеуказанное в совокупности позволит сформировать нужную Вам культуру деятельности.

В руководстве не существует единого, так сказать «лучшего», набора практических приемов. То, что вам следует сделать в каждой из указанных областей, определяется тем, чего именно вы добиваетесь в интересах Вашего клиента и чего Вы хотите достичь на Ваших рынках.

Вы добьетесь лучших результатов от Ваших сотрудников, если будете максимально широко рассматривать руководство как систему, которая служит для создания ценности для потребителей, и будете строить свою управленческую деятельность в соответствии с этим.   

Read more

Leadership for Senior Managers: Special Edition for Women

As a senior manager, you are responsible for aligning people to implement the strategy. That means pushing through change on your own management team and down through the levels in the organization. This is a challenge for any leader.  But if you are a women leader in a traditionally male-dominated environment, the job may seem harder.  Your strategy is clear and makes sense, but getting people to listen, buy in, and then take their responsibility to achieving the goals can be even more challenging.


This workshop focuses first on leadership and strategy implementation skills.  The special edition for women is to provide the opportunity to address the extra challenges female leaders face when driving a strategy in a tough environment.

Read more

Mid-level Management Workshops

Leading with Emotional IntelligenceNew Workshop Top 40 Workshop

Developed with Dr Daniel Goleman, based on his research and bestselling book "Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence."

Develop the skills to ensure you are a highly effective, emotionally intelligent leader.

Read more

Managing and Leading People in an International Environment Top 40 Workshop

This workshop will provide you with the tools and understanding to better manage your people – despite cultural differences, different working styles, different expectations and business experience. This is essential to every manager’s success no matter what your function is. In addition to good functional and task management, good people management enables you to leverage your team’s talents and contributions, and create an performance culture. When your people are more accountable and performing at their best, your entire department’s contribution to business objectives improves. Read more

Leading International and Remote Teams Top 40 Workshop

Your team is supposed to be delivering value to the company, and you are accountable for that. If things are not going as they should, is it you or is it your team, and what can you do about it? How can you build on their cultural diversity? Read more

Developing Leadership Top 40 Workshop

How do you lead the people to implement the company strategy? How do you manage change? How do you communicate the strategy effectively and then enable and motivate your people to implement it? Read more

Coaching Skills for ManagersNew Workshop

Discover the authentic and true power of coaching to increase your value as a Leader. Learn how to unlock and to enhance the potential of your people and of your teams. Not only will they increase their performance but they will also grow in their jobs and most likely be more motivated and committed to team goals. Developing a coaching relationship with your team members can also make your job as a people manager much more fulfilling and rewarding. This workshop will provide you with the tools you need to get started. Read more

Change ManagementNew Workshop

Another change to implement? This time make it more successful – or at least less painful. Change is difficult but you increase your chances of success by leading people through change proactively and creatively. You can implement change while minimizing negative impact on productivity, and adverse impact on stakeholders. A proactive, leadership approach to change management helps you achieved desired business outcomes of the change as fast as possible. Read more

Developing Leadership: Special Edition for Women

How do you lead the people on your team to implement the strategy and achieve results?  How do you manage change?  How do you overcome resistance from your own team, as well as from peers and maybe even your boss?  How do you manage perception of you as a leader?  How do you ensure your voice is heard in the organization?  How do you prepare yourself for the next step in career?  Read more

Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success

Get leadership skills for managers to inspire and influence your people to achieve team goals.

Managers who will be promoted are the ones who not only manage efficiently but also lead their teams effectively-and the ability to do this during tough times is the acid test. Developing leadership skills is crucial. Learn how to work in a horizontal mode of operation...apply a consistent theory in leading your team...and teach critical leadership skills to members of your team, so each and every one of them can lead the team in your absence.

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