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Project Management

To succeed as a Project Manager, you need specific skills and competencies. Managing a project and keeping it on-time, on-budget and within scope can be more difficult than it at first appears. And dealing with the people-management issues can be a challenge. In partnership with Global Business Management Consultants (GBMC), we offer you programmes that cover Project Management knowledge and skills at the basic, proficiency and mastery levels as well as preparation for Project Management certification. You can get the full Project Management Programmes PDF here. 


Select a program below, choose a convenient date and location and register today. An MCE client services representative will contact you with advice on the best options for travel and accommodation. MCE also offers fully customized services for your organization. For an overview of the services and topics we provide, click here.


Mid-level Management Programmes

Project Management Proficiency

You know you are competent in the practice of project management, that your knowledge and practice are good, but basic. You are often challenged by the need to apply project management disciplines in more depth and in a controlled, monitored and evaluated context. You know you need to become proficient in how you identify, quantify, plan for and manage project risks and requirements, and in how you monitor, control and report on the team’s progress against the project charter. In fact, you need to take up the management role more formally within project teams and with stakeholders to ensure you deliver to schedule, scope and cost.

Download the PDF Brochure here.   

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Project Management Advanced

“As an experienced project manager, you need to sharpen your ability to manage procurement and advanced risk to secure quality of increasingly complex projects. You have managed multiple significant projects across various world regions but need to consolidate your practice and confidence to step unambiguously into the position of leader of the project team.” 

Download the PDF Brochure here.  

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Project Management Fundamentals

Imagine you get assigned to manage a project or participate in a project as a team member. You have heard a lot and may have read-up on project management but feel uncertain about how to structure the project, how to plan it effectively or how to take control over its implementation. Alternatively you may find yourself in project teams wondering (i) what exactly do people mean by ‘scope, schedule, cost and quality’, (ii) how do you measure success against those factors and (iii) how can you establish and deliver the expectations that have been set. In a world of continuous innovation and rapid change, where projects are increasingly viewed as “business-as-usual”, MCE’s new “Project Management Fundamentals®” equips you with: 

  • the language and skill-set of project management 
  • the competence to work effectively with project teams 
  • the awareness of team dynamics so you can get the best out of yourself and your project team members  

 Download the PDF Brochure here.  

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