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Human Resources

Organizations today need to continue to be flexible and adaptable in order to experience success and meet their objectives. The quality of a company’s people and how they are organized are the keys to adaptability. The programs in this group address the knowledge, skills and tools HR professionals need to manage the HR function effectively, and to recruit, develop, reward and manage their organization’s talent.

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Senior Management Programs

Strategic HR: Aligning Your Strategy to the Business

One of the most value-creating roles an HR department can fulfill is helping an organization's leaders build a workforce that is capable of implementing the company’s strategy. Read more

Mid-level Management Programs

Talent and Performance Management

This workshop aims to give managers with responsibility for Talent the frameworks, tools and best practices to build a high performance talent organization. Read more

HR Management: The HR Business Partner

How does HR add value to the business? What are the functions of HR, what is best practice? How do HR functions connect to the business strategy? How can you better align HR functions to business strategy? Read more