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Talent Management and HR

In the new economy, organizations will have to continue to be flexible and adaptable in order to experience success and meet their objectives. The quality of a company’s people and how they are organized will be the keys to adaptability. The workshops in this group address the knowledge, skills and tools HR professionals will need to manage the HR function effectively, and to recruit, develop, reward and manage their organization’s talent.

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Senior Management Workshops

Strategic HR: Aligning Your Strategy to the Business Top 40 Workshop

One of the most value-creating roles an HR department can fulfill is helping an organization's leaders build a workforce that is capable of implementing the company’s strategy. Read more

Organization Development and Transformational Change Top 40 Workshop

In a rapidly-changing, competitive world, organizations need to be as effective as possible, while being able to adapt to face future business needs. As a Director of Human Resources, Organizational Development or Change Management, you can play a key role in enabling your organization’s future success through helping it be efficient, effective, agile and aligned to your business strategy. This workshop provides you with the key concepts and skills for working with Senior Management and Executive Committee members to tackle their strategic organizational challenges. Read more

Mid-level Management Workshops

Talent and Performance ManagementNew Workshop Top 40 Workshop

This workshop aims to give managers with responsibility for Talent the frameworks, tools and best practices to build a high performance talent organization. Read more

Learning and Development Strategy Top 40 Workshop

How do you design and implement training and development initiatives that create value for the company? How do you ensure training leads to performance improvement and better workplace results? How can you partner with the other HR and line functions for more effective training? Read more

Training the TrainerNew Workshop

It is not enough to train the workforce. You also have to train the trainer.

The training field can change fast. New methodologies. New discoveries about the way adults learn. Changing expectations from trainees—and from your company. Get the practical platform skills and confidence you need to succeed. This powerful seminar puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. Whether you have been training for a while or never stepped onto a platform before, this workshop will show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter. You will build confidence, engage your audience from the beginning and leave your trainees praising your training abilities. 

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Instructional Design for TrainersNew Workshop

Gain a practical, proven-in-action method for creating innovative and successful training programs.

This comprehensive method for powerful instructional design training takes you through the steps of task analysis to learning objectives and module design. At this applications-based workshop, you’ll prepare a training plan or module designed to meet your company’s every need.

Start building your instructional design expertise in only three days at this practical, applications-based seminar. 

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Influencing and Consulting Skills for HR Professionals

Too few organizations recognize the strategic importance of engaging HR in high-level business decisions. As an HR professional, you must position yourself as an expert internal consultant.


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Compensation and Benefits

Salary, compensation and benefits systems need to be more flexible for a diverse workforce, more tailored toward strategic objectives and their requirements, and more performance-based. Organizations would like to move away from the expected rises in base pay, and use bonuses or similar to drive profits and goal achievement. All this is easier said than done. Employees and organizations are increasingly looking at non-financial “quality of work life” rewards and recognition as a win-win way to increase the value of the total compensation package.  Read more