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5-Day Mini MBA

Get the real business skills you need to support your career in just 5 days. As a manager today, you need to have a good solid understanding of all parts of the business to succeed. It is not enough anymore to just work on your own, you have to work across the company. But if you have a scientific, engineering, technical or specialist background, how can you get this understanding and experience quickly? What tools do you need? How do the different parts of the company really work? 

Download the PDF Brochure Here.


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Business Management Skills Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

5-Day Mini MBA for the Chemical Industry

Globalization, REACH, green chemistry, waste reduction, sustainability, operational efficiency: a Chemical Industry manager’s role is being very much impacted by many rapidly evolving trends. This industry specific mini-MBA will look at the trees and the forest simultaneously in order to achieve results, growth and a socially responsible company status. It will allow you to understand the critical business aspects of the Chemical Industry and link them with the potential future scenarios while optimizing your role as a manager in an industry that is producing so many building blocks for construction, health & food, automotive, materials and the likes. Read more

Business Management Skills Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4869

5-Day Mini MBA for the Oil and Gas Industry

The world of Oil and Gas is dynamic and changing fast. This program prepares participants—typically Middle Managers in the Oil and Gas industry and related service industries—to move into more senior positions. It provides a holistic and integrated view of running the business. It covers four key disciplines of management and how they work together to provide value: Strategy, Leadership, Finance and Operations. The focus is specifically tailored for the requirements of the Oil and Gas business. Read more

Business Management Skills Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4869

5-Day Mini MBA for the Pharma and Biotech Industry

More than ever before, the dynamics and fast pace of the new healthcare environment require cross-functional experts who master complexity and go beyond silo thinking. The "Mini-MBA" is based on the key areas of the MBA that have been especially tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. It provides you with the intellectual capital needed to excel as a high-performance manager in this fast-moving industry. Read more

Business Management Skills Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4869

B2B Marketing Strategy

This workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and thinking on B2B marketing, exploring the challenges of customer centricity, seller-buyer relations, innovation management, value chain integration, emerging markets, sustainability and the role of the Social Media and internet in B2B marketing.

We will provide senior managers with the vision, methods and tools needed to formulate a new marketing strategy and to implement it successfully.

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Marketing Senior Managers 4 English € 5586

Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow Management

Most managers are educated and trained for their functions, not for finance.  Yet every manager is expected to understand finances well enough to make realistic budgets, manage cash, and hit his or her targets.  This workshop will provide you with the skills and tools to do this, with the aim of achieving your organization’s overall goals. Read more

Finance Skills Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

Business Performance Metrics and Management: Aligning KPIs to Your Strategy

Your business needs to track and manage its performance, but how? You want to focus people on performance and reward them for it. How do you make that work? Read more

Strategy and Implementation Senior Managers 4 English € 5740

Business Strategy for Managers

How is strategy generated in your organization and how can you contribute as a manager? Better strategic understanding and planning leads to better evaluation of future opportunities, smarter allocation of resources, and higher chances of creating long term value. The ability to plan for the future is often a prerequisite for being promoted to higher responsibility. Business Strategy for Managers equips rising managers with the tools and methodologies they need to understand how to develop and implement an effective strategic business plan that is aligned with the corporate strategy. Read more

Strategy and Implementation Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4664

Communicating to Your Senior Management and Key Stakeholders

Communication is a critical skill for every manager. Getting your ideas and issues across to the key people who can support you in implementing the strategy is a very tough job, and if you can’t communicate your idea or issue properly, it may always be sidelined in your company. This workshop helps you frame your ideas and issues in strategic business language, to speak and understand the language of senior managers. Read more

Communication and Influence Skills Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4459

Consumer Marketing Strategy

Most marketing plans disintegrate between the drawing board and the market. By asking the right questions and involving various parts of the business, marketing plans are implemented with more focus and greater impact on the brand’s performance. Read more

Marketing Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

Critical Thinking

This workshop develops your critical thinking and problem-solving skills for making better business decisions for your department, your business unit, and your company. You will learn solid techniques for analyzing problems, generating and evaluating solutions, selecting and implementing the best solutions. These techniques will help you with your immediate challenges and will continue to be valuable throughout your career. Read more

Communication and Influence Skills Mid-level Managers 2 English € 3024

Customer Service Excellence: How to Win and Keep Customers

Customer service excellence will give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a tough and increasingly uncertain business climate. In today’s customer-oriented business environment, "people skills" are critical for personal and organizational success. How you handle your customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team’s and company’s performance. This customer service training seminar gives you the skills you need to communicate professionalism, gain respect, enhance customer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage through customer service excellence. Read more

Sales Excellence Mid-level Managers 2 English € 3024

Developing Leadership

How do you lead the people to implement the company strategy? How do you manage change? How do you communicate the strategy effectively and then enable and motivate your people to implement it? Read more

Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4664

Developing Personal Influence and Impact

Today’s business environment is not easy. Priorities change frequently and you need to get results faster. But in companies and organisations, you don’t always have direct control over all the people and elements you need to deliver results efficiently and on time.

We all know how stressful and frustrating it can be, trying to get everybody in a project team to deliver their parts of the project. It can also be just working with your colleagues every day, they are just too busy to help you with your project.
If you could just get everybody on board and supporting your ideas, it would make life so much easier. It would also save the company time and money.

But how do you do this? How do you get others to support your goals and objectives? How do you work your way through internal politics to get the collaboration and resources you need? How do you get all stakeholders on board including your peers, your team, senior management and maybe even customers and suppliers?

Download the PDF Brochure Here. 

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Communication and Influence Skills Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4459

Developing Your Creative Thinking

Creative thinking can create business value by generating fresh, new and innovative business ideas, or by finding innovative solutions to tough business challenges. This workshop teaches you creative thinking techniques, as well as how to manage creativity and the creative process in your team. Read more

Communication and Influence Skills Mid-level Managers 2 English € 3024

Effective Presentation Skills for Impact

Communicating has always been a key management skill, and today that means communicating through different media in order to reach the people you need to work with and implement strategy.  How do you formulate a strong message and how do you keep it from getting lost in translation via different technology channels – email, teleconference, webinar, collaboration networks, etc? How do you get dialogue and meaningful input from people? This workshop helps you to use different communication media more effectively to achieve your goals. Read more

Business Management Skills Mid-level Managers 3 English € 4254

Essentials of Management

The operational side of management is about getting things done through goal-setting, work planning, budgeting, organizing and controlling. The more you can master the basic tasks of management, the more effective you are at getting things done, creating real value for your company.  And the more you show your management ability to get things done and add value, the better it is for your career progression. Read more

Business Management Skills Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4459

Financial Planning and Analysis for Controllers

Controllers and other financial managers have a need to define and assess multiple aspects of a company's performance. The workshop addresses accounting regulations, budgeting, forecasting and KPI tools to support company reporting activities. Read more

Finance Skills Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4459

Fundamentals of Finance for Non-financial Managers

All managers need to understand, interpret and act on financial information. This workshop provides a common language that enables you to understand what contributes to business profitability. Read more

Finance Skills Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

Fundamentals of Successful Selling

Sales people are possibly the most important asset of a company, in terms of reaching the customer and bringing in the business. In today’s cost conscious and highly competitive markets, every customer interaction counts. It is absolutely vital as a salesperson to have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to reach sales objectives. 

If you are new to sales or feel the need to sharpen your skills, this workshop will provide you the essentials to improve your sales technique – from making effective and structured sales calls, to using the right behaviours and persuasive techniques to position your product or service and make the sale.

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Sales Excellence Mid-level Managers 2 English € 3024

Global and Key Account Management in B2B Markets

As key customers globalize, Key Account Management needs to follow suit to stay competitive. Effectively managing key accounts at a global, regional or local level to maximize the value of the relationship over the long term requires flawless alignment of both external and internal activities.

This workshop explores the leadership behaviours and requirements (including tools, skills and approaches) needed to effectively manage the relationship with your key customers at a global and local level and effectively deliver value.

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Sales Excellence Mid-level Managers 3 English € 4254

How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

Learn how to choose and use the most appropriate words and emotional tone for every business situation. In just two days, you’ll gain insights into your communication style and that of others, while providing you with skills for clearly and effectively receiving and transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and needs. Read more

Communication and Influence Skills Mid-level Managers 2 English € 3024

HR Management: The HR Business Partner

How does HR add value to the business? What are the functions of HR, what is best practice? How do HR functions connect to the business strategy? How can you better align HR functions to business strategy? Read more

Talent Management and HR Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4459

Interacting with Others to Get Things Done

You can have the best technical skills, you can have the right management structures and systems in place, but you still might have trouble getting others to collaborate with you, because of problems with interpersonal relationships. Whether the problem sits with you or if the people you have to deal with are particularly difficult, there is something you can do about it.  This workshop helps you improve your working relationships to improve your business results. Read more

Communication and Influence Skills Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4664

Leading Virtual Teams

Your team is supposed to be delivering value to the company, and you are accountable for that. If things are not going as they should, is it you or is it your team, and what can you do about it? How can you build on their cultural diversity? Read more

Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4869

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Developed with Dr Daniel Goleman, based on his research and bestselling book "Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence."

Develop the skills to ensure you are a highly effective, emotionally intelligent leader.

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Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 3 English € 4254

Lean Process Improvement

Apply LEAN fundamentals to reduce inefficiencies, lower costs, and increase revenue. Processing requests taking forever? Customers calling to complain about delays and high delivery costs? Worried you could be losing business as a result? LEAN process improvement tools offer simple fixes that will change your thinking, improve your operations, AND deliver quick solutions. LEAN can be especially relevant if you're coming out of the recession with fewer resources and need to deliver more with less.
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Project Management Mid-level Managers 2 English € 2250

Learning and Development Strategy

How do you design and implement training and development initiatives that create value for the company? How do you ensure training leads to performance improvement and better workplace results? How can you partner with the other HR and line functions for more effective training? Read more

Talent Management and HR Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4459

Management Skills for New Managers

Gain the core skills you need to succeed! This programme will give you the crucial foundational skills to shift from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success and drive bottom-line performance. Read more

Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 3 English € 2950

Managing Chaos

Within the chaos, there are things you can control.
Chaos is becoming a part of many organizations' reality. In this fast-paced workshop, you'll learn how to leverage a variety of easy-to-use tools and techniques to alleviate, clarify, and eliminate “controllable” chaos. Discover how to apply these tools to YOUR situation. And develop a solid action plan to keep your head above water, make immediate improvements, and achieve measurable results.
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Business Management Skills Mid-level Managers 1 English € 950

Managing Innovation

In this workshop, we will look at innovation as a growth strategy: how to build an innovation process and innovation culture, and how to adapt new forms of collaborative innovation and co-creation. The workshop provides you the tools to manage innovation to create high value and competitive advantage for your company. Read more

Innovation Mid-level Managers 3 English € 4254

Managing People in an International Environment

This workshop will provide you with the tools and understanding to better manage your people – despite cultural differences, different working styles, different expectations and business experience. This is essential to every manager’s success no matter what your function is. In addition to good functional and task management, good people management enables you to leverage your team’s talents and contributions, and create a performance culture. When your people are more accountable and performing at their best, your entire department’s contribution to business objectives improves.

Download the PDF Brochure Here. 

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Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

MCE Leadership Development Programme

Organizations are changing and customers are becoming more and more demanding. Business is not easy in 2015! So, how can you lead your team through this change? How can you make sure you get the results that your team and your company needs? What do you need to do differently? What are the leadership best practices? 

Download the PDF Brochure here. 

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Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 4 English € 3950

Negotiating Effectively

This workshop provides you with the negotiation skills to deal with business situations – from everyday negotiation situations to more complex deal-making – and to get better results in every situation. This is a core skill for any management career. Read more

Communication and Influence Skills Mid-level Managers 3 English € 4254

Negotiation and Closing Skills for Sales Professionals

In this practical and hands-on workshop, participants will be equipped with a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation and closing, based on need identification and understanding from the customer’s perspective, generating alternative solutions and selecting a solution that benefits both sides. Participants will be equipped with sales negotiation tactics, aiming to influence your customer’s perception of products’ cost, value and benefits, and tactics to close the sale by maintaining a flexible position that successfully counters your customer’s negotiating moves. Read more

Sales Excellence Mid-level Managers 2 English € 3024

Organization Development and Transformational Change

In a rapidly-changing, competitive world, organizations need to be as effective as possible, while being able to adapt to face future business needs. As a Director of Human Resources, Organizational Development or Change Management, you can play a key role in enabling your organization’s future success through helping it be efficient, effective, agile and aligned to your business strategy. This workshop provides you with the key concepts and skills for working with Senior Management and Executive Committee members to tackle their strategic organizational challenges. Read more

Talent Management and HR Senior Managers 4 English € 5586

Preparatory Workshop for PMP® Certification

The workshop is specifically designed to help project managers prepare to be PMP®-certified by the Project Management Institute. You will get solid grounding in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® and standards and guidelines with an experienced, PMP®-certified facilitator. Read more

Project Management Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

Product Management in B2B Markets

How do you develop, market and sell products and services, particularly in the B2B environment? With increasing complexity, competition, price pressures, and higher client expectations, how do you make sure your offering stands out and gets the business?

This workshop provides you with a firm foundation in the principle elements of B2B Marketing and Product Management. It helps you to clarify and communicate a clear customer value proposition, and provides a set of tools to optimize the delivery of your products and services to your market.

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Marketing Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

Product, Category and Segment Management in Consumer Markets

This workshop helps marketers to compete in the new environment by shifting their market strategy from a product-driven push to a customer-centric business proposition. It helps marketers partner with retailing and channel partners in an effective joint approach to Category Management. Practical and pragmatic, the workshop provides participants with key operational tools typically not covered in academic programs, including best practice cases, templates, tips and how-to information for the product, brand and marketing challenges you face in today’s environment. Read more

Marketing Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

Project Management: The Fundamentals

Get a clear methodology and understand the people side of project management. Deliver your projects on spec, on time and within budget. As projects take a central role in organizations, project management has become one of the leadership competences and an important factor in any manager's performance evaluation. Read more

Project Management Mid-level Managers 5 English € 4664

Strategic HR: Aligning Your Strategy to the Business

One of the most value-creating roles an HR department can fulfill is helping an organization's leaders build a workforce that is capable of implementing the company’s strategy. Read more

Talent Management and HR Senior Managers 4 English € 5586

Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers

You are facing a leadership challenge. Your organization has to make strategic adjustments, or perhaps adopt a new strategic direction, and that means change for a lot of people. You are not sure how you are going to get people across the organization to act together in function of the strategy and achieve the goals. What should you as a leader do to align your people, get their buy-in, get the strategy implemented, and reinforce the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to flawless execution? Read more

Leadership and People Management Senior Managers 4 English € 5740

Strategic Thinking

Develop a strategic mindset to increase the success of your strategic plans.

In recent years, an unsettling number of companies have failed to grow or collapsed completely—from long-established giants to smaller-scale businesses. Blame usually goes to the economy, but that’s only part of the problem. The bigger culprit is often a failure in strategic thinking, which becomes painfully clear in hindsight. Unfortunately, many leaders do little to employ systematic strategic thinking in their organizations. This programme will help you learn how to strengthen your strategic thinking skills and encourage it in others. Through case studies and practical thinking exercises, you’ll stimulate your strategic thinking, learn to recognize patterns that impact strategy and enhance your abilities to generate new insights and ideas. Come to your next strategic planning session with the best possible strategic ideas—and help your business move forward in an increasingly competitive world.
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Strategy and Implementation Mid-level Managers 2 English € 2250

Successfully Managing People

How can you move your team to higher performance? Are you ready to create a high-performance team and get more done? Resolve team conflict using emotional intelligence and get more from your team by adapting your management style to every situation.
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Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 3 English € 2950

Talent and Performance Management

This workshop aims to give managers with responsibility for Talent the frameworks, tools and best practices to build a high performance talent organization. Read more

Talent Management and HR Mid-level Managers 4 English € 4459

The Professional Executive Assistant

This workshop provides Executive Assistants with tools and methods to become confident decision-makers and creative thinkers and how to better manage their work and their careers. Read more

Business Management Skills Executive Assistants 4 English € 2819

The Voice of Leadership

It's a fact of organizational life: Leadership communication goes hand-in-hand with success—and the effective application of this skill is particularly essential in an uncertain economy when painful business decisions are made daily. Read more

Leadership and People Management Mid-level Managers 3 English € 2950

Using Social Media to Engage Customers and Build Your Brands

Today’s web is a more powerful marketing tool than ever. Are you tapping into its amazing potential to turn users into customers? 

It’s no secret that the Internet has drastically changed the dynamics of the merchant/customer relationship. Now when it’s time to make a buying decision, customers increasingly turn to the web for product and company information. They expect companies to be transparent, open and honest—and when given a choice spend their dollars with those that are. This seminar provides marketing professionals with concrete techniques for applying social media strategies and tools to their overall marketing portfolio. You'll research consumers’ online habits and mine the data to engage them with blogs, social networks, podcasts and video. You’ll return to work with ready-to-use job aids and templates, including media strategy checklists, reporting forms and more.

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Marketing Mid-level Managers 2 English € 3024

Value-Based Selling

The role of sales has evolved from communicating a predefined value proposition to dialoguing and working with the customer to create their own unique value proposition, value as defined and needed by the customer. Participants will learn how to use their acquired business and selling experience to design and implement methods to define customer value, to communicate the value, and ultimately to increase call impact and overall sales performance. Read more

Sales Excellence Mid-level Managers 3 English € 4254